A Better Way To Build

Unlock the power of CSS Flexbox right from the WordPress Block Editor. Flexblocks exposes the guts of Flexbox – all the properties you need to create pixel perfect designs. Flexblocks is Gutenberg native and replaces limiting, traditional page builders like Divi, Beaver Builder, and Elementor. Flexblocks features a clean, minimalistic interface that’s easy to control yet powerful enough to implement any design imaginable.

Want Total Control? Only Flexblocks Provides This Level Of Customization.

Instead of burying options under the covers, Flexblocks exposes a myriad of useful settings necessary to create robust responsive designs. Flexblocks Pro was designed for pro web developers and power users who demand ultimate control.

Simple Yet Powerful, Designed For Minimalist WordPress Developers

With Flexblocks you can create advanced layouts and see the results right in the block editor. Instead of a different block for every situation, we provide a powerful set of base blocks that are infinitely adjustable.

And now that Full Site Editing and Block Themes are upon us, the use cases for Flexblocks have exploded. Use it in your header, footer, or template parts to display exactly what you want, how you want it. Use it in blog posts to achieve that layout you just couldn’t before.

Flexblocks is lightweight and allows pixel perfect design while delivering unbeatable Page Quality scores.

Flexblocks Is A Complete Workbench For The WordPress Craftsman

In the world of web development, tools are important. Which tools you use reflect your personality and design objectives. While Flexblocks isn’t for everyone, it is for web developers that need complete control of every aspect of their designs.

Flexblocks Pro not only offers standard layout tools, but also cool features like reveal animations, color, border, position, break points, and dimensional options.

Flexblocks not only supports traditional WordPress Block Themes, but is also Headless Native. This means that it works right out of the box with Cabezi’s Headless Platform which opens an world of possibilities not achievable with traditional WordPress installations.

Use It For Everything, Mix & Match, Or Just Sprinkle It In As Needed

The team at Cabezi uses Flexbox as a complete page builder, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Everybody uses Flexblocks differently, and that’s ok.

Whether you just use it occasionally to achieve that perfect design, or use it as a complete design system, Flexblocks lives up to its name as the most flexible WordPress block library available.

Mix and Match – don’t worry we play nice. Go ahead and use Flexblocks to enhance other block libraries. After all, WordPress is better when we all work together.